MityCross 480 OSP

Powerful and compact, the MityCross 480 OSP smart light integrates Cree’s state-of-the-art LEDs in a dual beam headlight for maximum brightness at minimum size. Smart OSP® technology lets you customize your brightness levels, while the long lasting Li-Ion battery stows neatly under your stem. The low profile headlight takes up little on your bike but at night, this palm sized system packs serious light on your favorite trail or 24 hour race. (OSP patent pending)


Customizable Brightness

OSP® (On-Site Programmable) Smart Technology: Adjust your light's brightness exactly how you want it, when you want it. With Cygolite's OSP smart technology you can customize your lights output and flash tempo directly to the light with the push of a button.

State-Of-The-Art High-Brightness LEDs

Super bright Cree High-Brightness LEDs.
LED durability eliminates bulb replacement.

Exclusive CrossFire technology

Narrow beam lenses for distant throw.
Dual H.B. LEDs crossed for deeper and wider beam dispersion.

6 Total Settings

3 Brightness: High - Medium - Low
3 Special: Daylight Flash - Walking - S.O.S.

Headlight integrated button & indicators

Power button on top of headlight.
Illuminated display indicates which light setting is in use.
Battery indicator displays 3 levels of remaining power.

Compact Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

Slim high capacity Li-Ion battery (140 g).
Easily mounts to bike stem or helmet.

Mounting Options

Handlebar mount fits 25.4~31.8mm handlebars.
Quick release helmet mount.
Number of LEDs 2
LED Output 480 lumens
Lighting Modes 3 Brightness Settings:
High / Med / Low

3 Special Modes
Flash / Walking / S.O.S.
High-Brightness Run Times 3.5 hours
Low-Brightness Run Times 17 hours
Charge Time 4 hours
Mounting Handlebar / Helmet
Battery Mounting Stem / Helmet
System Weight 240g

OSP & Comparison Chart

osp logo

“On-Site Programmable (OSP) Technology”

What is OSP?

Cygolite’s Exclusive OSP Programmable technology lets riders customize their light’s brightness settings and flash tempos exactly how they want it, directly to the light with the push of a button without the need for extra hardware or software.

How to Use OSP?

Simply press and hold the OSP button to increase or decrease the light’s brightness or flash speeds. The unit will automatically save your preferred brightness or flash speed.

Why Use OSP?

For the first time ever, OSP gives the riders full control of their lighting system. Riders can finally create their own settings to fine tune their brightness/flash speeds for the trail and/or road while riding.