Company Overview

Cygolite was founded along the foothills of Irvine, California in 1991 by a group of engineers with a passion for cycling. The company’s debut product, an LED blinking tail light, was an early success and paved the way for its first bicycle headlight. Becoming widely recognized in the industry, Cygolite built its reputation as an innovator and manufacturer of high quality, high value bicycle lighting systems.

From the beginning, Cygolite has produced an array of acclaimed bicycle lighting systems. The most relevant Cygolite breakthrough to today’s cyclist is the USB rechargeable one piece design – high powered lights with a USB rechargeable internal battery. First released in 2007, Cygolite’s new concept sparked the industry trend we see today.

Cygolite continues to press forward in designing and manufacturing advanced bicycle lighting systems. Every product is a milestone refined by 26 years of proven engineering, focus on high performance, and exceptional value.


Empowering the Cyclist

At Cygolite, we are cyclists just like you. We are committed to building high quality lighting systems because we understand the importance of proper lighting for every cyclist’s visibility and safety.

Our goal is to develop and integrate original designs with the latest technologies to create the best cycling experiences. Each Cygolite product is built to complement and enhance your cycling lifestyle.


Genuine Innovation

Innovation is the core of the company philosophy. Every Cygolite product starts from the ground up, with countless design iterations until its final form. Going beyond aesthetics, the product’s inner workings are custom engineered and seamlessly integrated to ensure premium performance.

What begins as a Cygolite breakthrough later becomes standard on every bicycle light. Throughout the company’s 26 years of innovations, trends have been known to follow Cygolite designs and features. The acknowledgments continue to validate Cygolite as innovators of the bicycle lighting industry.




Cygolite creates innovative and inspiring products. This passion for excellence is shared by the company and each employee. If you are ready to take your career to the next level, send your cover letter and resume to Please no phone calls about job openings.


Cygolite Company


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If you interested in buying a Cygolite product, contact your local bike shop or visit our store locator section. Cygolite does not sell lighting systems consumer direct.