Hotshot Micro 30 USB (2W)

Packed with features for safe cycling, this micro sized Hotshot™ combines a powerful 30 lumens of flashing red with 5 road-proven modes and an Enhanced Cycling Optic™ that scatters light at a wider angle for maximum distance and extra wide visibility during night and day use. Its Versatite™ flexible mount lets you attach the Hotshot Micro 30™ tail light to most seat posts and seat stays, including aero styles.

  • 30 lumens flashing
  • 2:30 ~ 100 hours run time
  • 5 light modes


- Powerful 30 lumens flashing, 2 watt LED

- Low profile, compact size

- USB rechargeable Li-ion battery

- Enhanced Cycling Optics™ scatters the beam to maximize your visual presence from a wider angle

- Low battery indicator

- Water resistant design

- 2:30 ~ 100 hr run time

Technology and Safety

- 5 modes: Single Flash - Zoom - SteadyPulse® - Steady Beam - Group Mode

- SteadyPulse's steady beam helps motorists better gauge their distance from you while the overlapping pulses keep them alert of your presence

- Sturdy and flexible Versatite™ mount attaches to most seat posts and seat stays, including aero styles

Patent pending.
*Features and specs are subject to change without notice.
# of LEDs 1
LED 30 lumen output, 2 watt LED
Total Modes 5
Run Time
2:30 ~ 100 hours
Charge Time 3 hrs
Mounting Flexible mount for seat post/seat stay
Battery Built-in Li-ion
System Weight 35 g
This product includes:
    Hotshot Micro 30 tail light, micro USB charging cable, flexible mount