Hotrod Front 110 & Hotrod Rear 50 USB Combo

Engineered to be seen day and night, the incredibly slim Hotrod™ Front and Rear combo light set radiates a powerful 110 lumens forward (white) and 50 lumens backwards (red). The pair’s continuous array of LEDs penetrate broad daylight with powerful flashes and radiates an extra wide glow to be seen at night. Every bit the road cyclist’s light set, its low profile flexible mounts are designed for most standard and aero styles.


Features for both Hotrod Front™ 110 & Hotrod Rear™ 50

- 110 lumen front light (white), 50 lumen tail light (red)

- 6 modes per light - Built-in 24/7 Safety Technology® gives you a powerful selection of night and day modes (High - Low - SteadyPulse® - Low Flash - DayLightning® - Zoom)

- SteadyPulse® mode features a steady beam to help motorists gauge their distance while overlapping pulses keeps them alert

- DayLightning® mode emits lightning-like flashes to highlight your presence in the brightest of daytime hours

- Zoom mode signals those around you with gentle changes in brightness

- Continuous array of LEDs work in unison to illuminate an extra wide and powerful glow

- USB rechargeable Li-ion battery

- Low battery indicator

- Light mode memory saves the mode you're in before the light is turned off - Ultra low profile, water resistant design only weighs 29 grams

- Versatite™ flexible mount conveniently attaches to most standard and aero styles

*Features and specs are subject to change without notice.

Hotrod Front™ 110 USB

LED Output 110 lumens
Total Modes 6
Charge Time 3 hrs
Mounting Flexible Handlebar Mount
Battery Built-in Li-ion
System Weight 29 g

Hotrod Rear™ 50 USB

LED 50 lumens flashing
Total Modes 6
Charge Time 3 hrs
Mounting Flexible mount for seat post/seat stay
Battery Built-in Li-ion
System Weight 29 g
This combo set includes:
Hotrod Front™ 110 front light, Hotrod Rear™ 50 tail light, micro USB charging cable, Versatite™ flexible mount x 2