High Intensity LED
  Dual Cross Li-Ion
The DualCross Li-Ion is the top-of-the-line Dual High-Intensity L.E.D. light that uses an advanced microprocessor to get the maximum efficiency from the light. With this technology the DuaCross Li-Ion gets the maximum amount of light for up to 7 hours from a headlight and battery that weigh less than 11 oz. combined. The ultra lightweight battery shines 3.5 to 7 hours on the bicycling modes and up to 59 hours on the SOS flashing mode. It fully recharges within 3 to 4 hours by CygoLite’s Rapid IQ smart charging system.

The two High-Intensity L.E.D.s project the equivalent of 20 halogen watts on any road or mountain terrain while two buttons on the headlight control 4 different brightness settings... [more]
  Dual Cross 300
Cygo-Lite is revolutionizing bike lighting with the new DualCross headlight. The DualCross is an advanced dual high-Intensity LED bike lighting system that burns extremely high candlepower of white LED light on any terrain, the equivalent of 20 halogen watts. Cygo-Lite’s SSR optics project the light into super-bright beam patterns. The Dualcross’s integrated microprocessor controls the light output modes and battery levels. Twin switches scroll up or down between the 4 light modes or the 4 flashing modes including SOS and walking mode. Cygo-Lite’s Dualcross is powered by a pocket sized NiMH battery which fits in jersey pockets, back packs or straps to the bike for added versatility. The DualCross lasts up to 4 hours on the brightest setting and recharges in 4 hours by the fast and smart Rapid IQ charging system... [more]
  Dual Cross 200
The DualCross 200 offers the best in Dual High-Intensity L.E.D. technology without the heafty price tag. Just like the other DualCrosses the 200 is a dual High-Intensity L.E.D. bicycle light using SSR optics to focus the crisp light into two beams for 4 to 9 continuous hours. Exclusive Crossfire™ projection crosses the beams maximizing ground coverage and visibility.

The DualCross 200 features 8 light modes, 4 LED indicators on top of the light to show the brightness setting and a 3 stage battery level indicator. The pocket sized NiMH battery provides over 4 hours of High-Intensity light while easily strapping to the bike frame. The battery is recharged with an overnight charger... [more]

  HiFlux 200
The Hi-FLUX 200 is the revolutionary all terrain LED bike light that uses Cygo-Lite’s Hi-Output solid state emitter and SSR optics (Solid State Reflection) to focus the equivalent of 10 halogen watts on any trail or road. The HI-FLUX has a super compact NiMH water bottle battery for super long runtimes and a remote thumbswitch to choose the high and low light output settings. This is the next generation in high-end lighting.
  HiFlux 100
The Hi-FLUX 100 uses Cygo-Lite’s new High-Intensity L.E.D. and SSR optics (Solid State Reflection) to focus the equivalent of 10 halogen watts on any trail or road. It uses C size batteries to power the headlight for extensive runtimes for more than 25 hours. It features a remote thumbswitch to choose the high and low beam light settings and the bulb will never have to be replaced