Metro Plus 800 USB

Cut through the darkness with the newly designed Metro Plus™ 800, unleashing an intense 800 lumens on the roads and trails with exceptional brightness and clarity. Its cycling tuned lens maximizes your line of sight with an extra wide, long range smooth beam. Not only limited to night, the Metro Plus' DayLightning® mode makes you stand out in broad daylight to give you the advantage anytime and anywhere you ride.

  • 800 lumens
  • 1 ~ 110 hours run time
  • 9 light modes
• Powerful 800 lumen output with 9 light modes

• Built-in 24/7 Safety Technology® gives you a powerful selection of night and day modes
(Boost - High - Medium - Low - SteadyPulse® - DayLightning® - Triple Flash - Zoom - Walking)

• SteadyPulse® mode alerts night time motorists with pulses while constantly lighting your path

• DayLightning® mode emits lightning-like flashes to highlight your presence in the brightest of daytime hours

• Enhanced Cycling Optics™ (ECO) expands your visibility with an extra wide and long range beam

• USB rechargeable Li-ion battery

• Low battery indicator

• Light activation lockout prevents accidental light activation

• Light mode memory saves the mode you're in before the light is turned off

• Rugged, water resistant design only weighs 140 grams

• Side illumination ports highlight your presence to nearby motorists

• 2nd generation Locktite™ quick release handlebar mount securely clamps to 22mm to 32mm diameter handlebars

*Features and specs are subject to change without notice.
Output 800 lumens
Total Modes 9
Run Times
Low: 6:30 hrs
Medium: 3 hrs
High: 1:30 hrs
Boost: 1 hr
Zoom: 3:30 hrs
SteadyPulse®: 3:30 hrs
DayLightning®: 12 hrs
Triple Flash: 18 hrs
Walking: 110 hrs
Charge Time 5 hrs
Mounting Handlebar
Battery Built-in Li-ion
System Weight 140 g
This product includes:
• Metro Plus™ headlight
• Micro USB charging cable
• Locktite™ quick release handlebar mount
• User manual