Night Rover NiMH xtra High Performance Dual Beam Halogen Bike Light with High-Capacity Nickel Metal Hydride Battery for Endurance Ride
  • 16W dual beam halogen bike light
  • 3 beam patterns (6w wide, 10w narrow, 16w combined)
  • 6 hour run time on 6w single beam
  • Battery low L.E.D. indicator
  • Compact Nickel Metal Hydride battery
  • Exclusive high beam pitch for better road coverage
  • Side-to-Side swivel for excellent peripheral vision
  • Sleek, low profile, tough thermo-plastic casing
  • Quick release mount
Night Rover Specification Chart
NiMH Xtra
Wattage 10W Narrow
6W Wide
6W Narrow
6W Wide
Run Time
6 hours
3 hours
Dual Beam Runtime
2 hours
1.5 hours
Waterbottle style NiMH
Waterbottle style NiMH
System Weight
22 oz
18 oz
Charge Time
The Night Rover NiMH Xtra brings performance, endurance and value into one powerful bike light system. This dual beam bicycle light provides a 6w wide and 10w narrow beam for a total of 16 watts to choose the best amount and spread of light. The headunit is also outfitted with a battery low LED indicator and pitched beam design for runtime awareness and maximum road coverage. The super high capacity NiMH battery last up to 6 hours, on the 6w wide bam. Endurance rides and extended commuting is this Night Rover's specialty.