Night Rover WB 12 watt dual beam halogen bike light with water bottle battery for performance oriented riders and commuters
  • 12 watts of Intense Halogen Bike Light
  • Dual beam reliability
  • Exclusive high beam pitch for better road coverage
  • Choice of 3 beam patterns (6w wide, 6w narrow, 12w combined)
  • Gel-Cel water bottle type battery
  • Side-to-Side swivel for excellent peripheral vision
  • Sleek, low profile, tough thermo-plastic casing
  • Quick release mount
  • Upgradeable to helmet mount kit
The Night-Rover Water Bottle offers all the features of the Night-Rover with the convenience and durability of the water bottle battery. Specifically designed for the night time commuter this bike light system has two independent switches to control the 6w narrow and 6w wide beams for a total of 12 watts. Consistent in the Night-Rover series, the beams are pitched for better road coverage and the side-to-side swivel action allows even more beam control. This system is superb for commuting and easy evening riding, and ensures years of safe riding.